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Corporate Culture

Enterprise vision:to become the most valuable technology provider of core issues of diamond wire drawing dies,and help China's high-end wire dies industry take off.

Corporate mission:committed to new hard material mold development and application,to provide customized solutions for their own responsibility.

Enterprise tenet:quality first,reputation first,to meet the deep needs of customers,accurately grasp the future of drawing die industry.

Corporate culture:people-oriented,integrity,efficient and pragmatic,unity and innovation,excellence.

Enterprise spirit:Based on honesty,win the first chance,be brave in innovation,and achieve the dream.

Business policy:market first,customer first,quality prosper enterprise,benefit sharing.

wire dies

Corporate core values:

Customer centered:to create value for customers is the reason for the existence of the company,the premise of survival and the key to development.Adhere to the customer-centered process driven,rapid response to customer demand,create and lead customer demand is the direction of our long-term efforts.

Based on the striver:the opportunity to serve customers is won by struggling in the competition.In the process of service,the creators who have a sense of mission,have the courage to contribute and pay,dare to face challenges,overcome difficulties,be diligent and thrifty,constantly surpass themselves,and continuously improve performance and value are the strivers in all positions.Striver is the most valuable resource of the company.The company is committed to helping employees grow into strivers and making them get good returns.

Innovation and opening up:demand is updating,technology is developing,and what remains unchanged is change.We can only open our mind to embrace change,and enhance our ability to create value for customers by integrating internal and external high-quality resources.We will adhere to the strategy of opening to promote innovation and innovation driven development for a long time,meet and lead customers' needs with innovation,and promote the coordinated development of ecological enterprises with opening.

Co creation and sharing:a company, the same mission,the same vision,different departments and posts have different responsibilities,but the goal is unified.We firmly implement the principle of interaction and sharing among departments and efficient cooperation among individuals.We firmly believe that a person can not succeed, unity and cooperation can create value.We share value according to contribution,so as to promote the spiral development of CO creation and sharing,realize the continuous growth of employees,promote the company to be stronger,better and bigger,and realize the long-term benefits of shareholders.

Criticism and self-criticism:Criticism and self-criticism are a review of the past,strengthening and improving the advantages,and trying to correct the shortcomings and mistakes.In the face of other people's shortcomings and mistakes,we should have the courage to seek truth from facts and put forward opinions;in the face of other people's opinions,we should be open-minded to accept and seriously analyze them,and if there are any,we should correct them;we should persist in self-examination and self-examination,and have the courage to openly review our own shortcomings and mistakes,and correct them in time.Only in this way can we achieve personal continuous progress,enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team,and protect the company The healthy development of our country.

Honesty and friendliness:the company is a team.Every member of the team is a business partner working together.We should be honest and friendly to others.We should always abide by the principle of honesty and trustworthiness.We should tell the truth,do practical things,keep our promises and keep our promises.We should not cheat others.We should work together to create a friendly and kind working atmosphere,encourage,help and achieve others,rather than indifference,complaint and attack.We insist on winning respect with honesty and enhancing friendship with friendliness.