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Diamond Die Semi-Finished Products

IW offers our customers semi-finished products of ND Dies,PCD Dies,Mono Dies,and others,who are experienced die makers.

In order to save the die making cost and labor cost,they can purchase our semi-finished products.

As an experienced diamond wire drawing die manufacturer,Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co.,Ltd. provides customers with natural diamond drawing dies,polycrystalline diamond drawing die,single crystal diamond drawing die,semi-finished products of laser drilling and fine semi-finished products of polycrystalline diamond dies.

IW wire drawing dies equipment

Repair and Maintenance of Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

IW provides die repolishing and recutting services for our customers.

Maintenance analysis of wire drawing dies

Recut Die Sets by Elongation

IW recutting services provide a highly cost-effective way to extend die life and maintain wire drawing quality.