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Quality identification of Polycrystalline Diamond Special Drawing Die

How to distinguish the quality of PCD Special Drawing Dies?
The quality of polycrystalline profiled drawing die may directly affect the product quality,production capacity and cost.

Therefore, for people's higher demand,for the economic situation of natural diamond drawing die quality also put forward higher standards.
So how can we better improve the quality of polycrystalline diamond profiled drawing die?
Now let's have a specific understanding.

The quality of Polycrystalline Diamond profiled Drawing Die includes the stability of product size,the smoothness of appearance and the utilization of materials.It is the number of working cycles and the number of pieces that can be easily completed under the premise of ensuring product quality in the process of processing.

The second is the use and maintenance of the mold,whether it is more convenient to use,shorten the time as much as possible in the production, in the production process,the design should be reasonable,to choose as much as possible,good structural scheme processing production,the designer should consider,the technical requirements and its structure,more in line with the mold manufacturing process.

Finally, it is also very important to improve the quality of the environment,many factors need to be considered,including the selection of mold materials and mold structure and usability,which should be considered before the design.

With the more and more common use rate of diamond drawing die,its quality is also higher and higher.Because of its characteristic advantages,it is widely used.In order to make better use of it,let's understand the methods to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of diamond drawing die.In the purchase of diamond drawing die,we must learn to analyze how to distinguish the quality of drawing die,then we can choose the right drawing die.

If you look at the price,the price of natural diamond drawing die is certainly a little more expensive,but it is reasonable that it is expensive,because this kind of drawing die itself is more complex in processing.Natural diamond drawing die has very high hardness,but it is easy to cause friction,so this kind of drawing die can only be used in some small diameter materials,but its wear resistance is very good.

There is also a cemented carbide mold,this film with the hardness is relatively low,the surface is not very rough,but its wear resistance is relatively poor,plus its hardness is relatively low, usually it is not recommended to buy.Choose the drawing die and choose explosion-proof electric heater,to be particularly careful,in order to buy their own drawing die.

The above is about the method of distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of drawing die.Because of its various advantages,it is widely used.If you need it,you can contact us.We are a professional manufacturer to avoid the loss caused by blind selection.

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