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Wire Drawing Die material selection and application characteristics

Diamond and Carbide Drawing Dies is the main material processing.Application of the two materials are very different,have their own characteristics.Diamond is a known substance highest hardness,excellent wear resistance,brittle and expensive molding materials.This wire drawing dies is difficult to process,the general production of wire diameter 1.0mrn less mold,the largest Diamond Dies aperture reached 2.5mrn.

Tungsten Carbide cobalt carbide,tungsten carbide and cobalt.Hard wear-resistant tungsten carbide alloy is the "skeleton" is a bonded metallic cobalt,increased toughness of the alloy.With the increase of the amount of the cobalt-containing,density, hardness,compressive strength,elastic modulus,thermal conductivity and resistance rates decreased,but increased toughness and flexural strength.With the increase of tungsten carbide content,just the opposite properties of the alloy containing cobalt increases the amount of the above.Carbide with high wear resistance,corrosion resistance and alkali resistance,good performance of anti-emulsion and other lubricating material effect.Carbide wire drawing dies in the production of various metal and alloy wire drawing widely used.

Other low molding materials made of steel wire drawing dies cost, easy processing and repair,but its low hardness,wear resistance is poor,short life,after the 1970s,has been virtually carbide and diamond and other molding materials replaced.Synthetic diamond hardness,wear resistance second only to diamond naturally superior to carbide,significantly lower than the price of natural diamond,wire drawing dies is to produce good material.Polycrystalline synthetic diamond material has been used in the crude drawing dies pull the pull wire,steel wire production.

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