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Analysis and treatment of abnormal causes in wire drawing process

1.Loose joint:adjust the current,power on time and pressure of butt welder to improve welding quality.
2.Wire has impurities:strengthen the acceptance of raw materials.
3.Unreasonable die matching:adjust the die to eliminate the phenomenon of large and small deformation process.
4.Incorrect or unsmooth die hole shape:the die shall be repaired in strict accordance with the standard,and the sizing area shall not be too long to ensure the smoothness of the die hole.
5.Excessive back pull:adjust the number of winding turns on the drum.
6.Drum thread pressing:adjust the number of winding turns on the drum to correct the worn drum.
7.Poor lubrication:check the lubrication system and determine the composition and temperature of the lubricant.
8.Aluminum rod is wet:prevent the aluminum rod from being wet,and the wet aluminum rod will not be used temporarily.

2、Incorrect size and shape
1.Wear of die hole:measure the wire diameter frequently,and replace the die when it is found that it is out of tolerance.
2.Wire drawing:adjust the die to improve the lubrication effect.
3.Using the wrong mold:measure the wire diameter after threading.
4.Wire scratch:check the quality and lubrication of die hole.
5.Mold skew:pay attention to straighten the mold and repair the mold base.

1.There is jumper phenomenon on the conical drum:the surface of the drum is polished and the angle is correct.
2.There are grooves on the drum:remove the drum to repair and polish it.
3.Places with broken line on the equipment:the drum interface is uneven,and the guide wheel does not rotate flexibly.
4.The reels collide with each other:the reels should be placed in "t" shape and separated from each other during transportation.
5.Uneven ground:repair the ground and lay steel plate.
6.Over full take-up:stick to the post and concentrate on setting down according to the regulations.

4、Peeling,pockmarking,triangle mouth and burr
1.The wire rod has flash,inclusion and shrinkage cavity:the inspection shall be strengthened,and the unqualified ones shall not be put into production.
2.The mold hole is not smooth,deformation,etc.:strict inspection,unqualified mold is not on the machine.
3.Poor lubrication:improve the lubrication effect.
4.The drum is not smooth and the sliding rate is too high:polish the drum surface and adjust the die matching.

1.Improper die matching:adjust the die matching,and the deformation degree of the finished die should not be too small.
2.Serious vibration of wire drawing machine:repair and reinforce equipment to eliminate vibration.
3.Severe wire jitter:adjust the tension and keep the take-up speed stable.
4.The shape of die hole is not suitable:the length of sizing area should be suitable,not too short,or even none.
5.Uneven and unclean lubrication supply:ensure uniform lubricant supply and filter lubricant for use.

6、There are continuous scratches on the wire
1.Wire scratch:check all parts contacting with wire,such as guide wheel and wire rod.
2.The temperature of lubricating fluid is too high:strengthen the cooling,and use the forced cooling method when necessary.
3.High alkali content and uncleanness of lubricant:Test regularly to keep the composition of lubricant and ensure its cleanness.
4.The die hole is not smooth and has defects:strengthen the repair and management of the die,and the unqualified die can not be used on the machine.
5.The lubrication area of the die hole is blocked:the lubricating fluid should be filtered to eliminate the metal chips and various impurities in the lubricating fluid.

7、Oxidation,water and oil stains
1.Insufficient lubrication and high temperature of lubricating fluid:ensure sufficient supply of lubricating fluid and strengthen cooling of lubricating fluid.
2.Splash of lubricating fluid:block the splash part,and wipe the line with felt at the outlet of finished product line.
3.The storage site is not clean and the greasy gloves contaminate the wire rod:adhere to 6S management to ensure the cleanness of the work site.

8、Full,partial,disordered,tight and loose take up and lay down lines
1.Improper alignment:adjust the alignment width and position according to the take-up reel specification.
2.Improper take-up tension:adjust take-up tension and take-up speed.
3.Wiring mechanism failure:careful observation,timely troubleshooting.
4.Irregularity of take-up reel:select qualified reel to operate.
5.Over full take-up:strengthen the monitoring,and reset the number of lower coil or repair the equipment in case of automatic disc change.

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