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Diamond Die Ultrasonic Grinder

Diamond Die Ultrasonic Grinder

This Ultrasonic Grinder applies for rubbing and polishing diamond die and mono diamond die,the new technology is rapidly extend and use in the global.

UPM-250 ultrasonic grinder is designed for repair and polish diamond and artificial diamond drawing die range from 0.3 to 8.0mm.

The great improvement lies in:the rotated auto swing structure,generator adopts transistor so as to improve power output.

To improve ultrasonic transducer design.Direct wind cooling improves product environment.

Technical parameter

1.input power:220V 50±2Hz
2.working frequency range:20KHz
3.consume power:≤500W
4.transducer:piezoelectricity wafter,wind cool
5.adding pressure method:use fluid drive,weight to add pressure
6.working rotate speed:123 turn/ min
7.working rotate speed:around 30 turn/ min
8.working angle:not smaller than 120,ADJUSTABLE.

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