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ND Wire Drawing Dies

Tinned Plated Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Tinned Plated Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

The case material of IWD Tinned Plated Diamond Dies is different with the ordinary case material.It must keep the weight of the whole case be light in order to keep the wire straight.

IWD Tinned coated copper diamond dies Applications:
1.For copper casing material tinned coated.
2.Special case material.
3.Standard case 25x8mm, 25x7mm
Typical Reduction Angles And Bearing Length

When applied to fine and ultra-fine wire size,or as a finishing die,wire surface quality is crucial.
Tungsten wire,gold-plated copper wire, stainless steel wire and precious metal.

Natural diamond ensures the hardness,excellent finish and performance of wire drawing die.As the mark of diamond,nd stone produced by wire drawing die has super surface condition,
And the ability to maintain very high polished surfaces and tight diameter tolerances for fine wire and ultra fine wire applications.
Avid diamond produces and sells a wide range of natural diamond drawing dies,which can meet the requirements of all customers.

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ND Wire Drawing Dies
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