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ND Wire Drawing Dies

ND Dies Semi-Finished Products

ND Dies Semi-Finished Products

IWD offers our customers semi-finished products of ND Die,PCD Die, Mono Die, and others,who are experienced die makers.
In order to save the die making cost and labor cost,they can purchase our semi-finished products.As well,it is easy to controll their own quality.

As an experienced wire drawing die manufacturer,Zhengzhou IW diamond Co., Ltd.provides customers with natural diamond drawing dies,polycrystalline diamond drawing dies,single crystal diamond drawing dies,laser drilling semi-finished products and polycrystalline diamond drawing dies fine semi-finished products.

Fine semi-finished products of polycrystalline diamond drawing die and laser drilling semi-finished products of diamond drawing die.

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ND Wire Drawing Dies
Natural Diamond Wire Drawing dies Synthetic Diamond Wire Drawing Dies Enamelled Wire Drawing Die Tinned Plated Diamond Dies