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ND Wire Drawing Dies

Synthetic Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Synthetic Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Single crystal diamond (SSCD) is a kind of synthetic diamond with high purity,no impurity and high stability.These quality characteristics also make the material have high hardness and stable wear resistance.

Synthetic single crystal diamond has very similar physical characteristics to natural diamond,so it can be used in all occasions where natural diamond mould can be used.
It is mainly used in fine and ultra-fine wire drawing,or in applications requiring excellent wire surface finish and good heat dissipation performance.

Monocrystalline diamond (mono) is a kind of synthetic diamond under controlled conditions.It has the characteristics of high purity,no impurity and no crack.
Single crystal diamond wire drawing die is made of high quality die core,which has the advantages of uniform texture,strong wear resistance,high finish, high precision and long service life.
It can ensure the surface finish and accuracy of wire rod and the production range of die inner diameter in the long drawing process0.05mm-1.5mm.

SSCD Wire Drawing Dies

These quality characteristics also make the service life of the wire drawing dies more stable and predictable.
The advantage of this is that the diamond has a more consistent hole size than the natural diamond wire drawing dies.

Most of the synthetic single crystal diamond drawing dies are LB type diamonds,which also contain nitrogen impurities,but exist in the form of dispersive substitution.Therefore,stable performance is the main feature of the dies.

Single crystal diamond has excellent heat dissipation performance,which can be used in high temperature processing technology.
Its high hardness and wear resistance ensure a long service life of the die.

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ND Wire Drawing Dies
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