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PCD Wire Drawing Dies

Multi-Wire Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Multi-Wire Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is used under high temperature pressing and alloy bond sintering.
Made of high quality mold core,it has the advantages of uniform texture,strong wear resistance,high finish,high precision and long service life,The surface finish and accuracy of wire rod can be ensured during long-time wire drawing.
The full range of PCD molds provided by avid diamond include COMPAX, sumidia and De Beers.

The large polycrystalline drawing die is made of high-quality polycrystalline core with good toughness,high hardness and strong wear resistance.With the special processing technology of our company,the die has the advantages of high strength,strong tensile resistance and not easy to burst.
It can greatly increase the service life of the die,increase the output,reduce the production cost for customers,and increase the production efficiency.The inner diameter of the die is 0.08-28.00mm,suitable for use Used for drawing all kinds of iron wire,steel wire,etc.

Flexible wire:copper wire,aluminum wire,brass wire,gold wire,etc.
Hard wire:stainless steel wire,copper plated steel wire,copper plated wire,tungsten wire,molybdenum wire,etc.

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PCD Wire Drawing Dies
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