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PCD Wire Drawing Dies

Cobalt-based PCD Wire Drawing Dies

Cobalt-based PCD Wire Drawing Dies

Polycrystalline diamond(PCD) sintered under high temperature and high press together with binder alloy is used.
Diamond Drawing dies of high and consistent quality covering small to large diameters exhibit outstanding performance in larger size areas than single crystal diamond drawing dies.
There are some factors to consider when specifying a PCD diamond die,PCD insert size, PCD grain size,casing size and hole geometry.

This kind of PCD diamond wire drawing die based on cobalt,is improved in hardness and density with more even degrees and more reasonable molecule structure,reducing particle chipping off and roughness.
The fine grain supports to provide higher surface of drawing wire.

The full range of PCD molds provided by avid diamond include COMPAX,sumidia and De Beers.
Flexible wire:copper wire,aluminum wire,brass wire,gold wire,etc.
Hard wire:stainless steel wire,copper plated steel wire,copper plated wire,tungsten wire,molybdenum wire,etc.
The mould for polycrystalline wire drawing and tube drawing is made of high quality mould core,which has the advantages of uniform texture,strong wear resistance,high finish,high precision and long service life,The surface finish and accuracy of wire rod can be ensured in the long-time drawing process.
The production range of die inner diameter is 0.03-32mm.

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PCD Wire Drawing Dies
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