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PCD Wire Drawing Dies

Bunching PCD Wire Dies

Bunching PCD Wire Dies

Blank Type:Polycrystalline Diamond,Natural Diamond,Tungsten steel,Diamond-coated

Opening size:from 0.2500 mm to 14.0000 mm.
The bundle and strand moulds are used to guide and / or organize the wire through the bunching machine and stranding machine,the winding drum of the double and single twist bunching machine is inside the machine,and the mold is fixed at the entrance of the machine to collect the wire.

In some cases,the die is fixed to the front of the winding drum inside the machine to regulate the wire,and the strand mold of the tubular and basket strander is inside the machine to guide and concentrate the wire.

Diamond Stranding Dies

Application:flexible wire:copper wire,aluminum wire,brass wire,gold wire,etc.
Hard wire:stainless steel wire,copper plated steel wire,copper plated wire,tungsten wire,molybdenum wire,etc.

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PCD Wire Drawing Dies
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